MAPS 4 Parks Programming for Neighborhood and Community Parks Master Plan Development

This online project hub will provide information on upcoming events for the project, as well as hosting online public engagement activities. 

We Want Your Ideas!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas for the MAPS 4 Parks Programming for Neighborhood and Community Master Plan Development. The City of Oklahoma City has engaged Kimley-Horn to prioritize the current and future opportunities of each of the 105 neighborhood and community parks based on community input, current conditions,  accessibility, and potential expansion needs. Visit to learn more about this and other MAPS 4 projects.

In addition to upgrades to the 105 municipal neighborhood and community parks previously mentioned, several specific park improvements projects are included in the MAPS 4 Resolution to further expand the transformative effect of the Parks project. In addition to increasing the number of community gardens and outdoor basketball and pickleball courts across the City, the project will also provide for renovations at Booker T. Washington Park, improvements at Minnis Lakeview Park, and enhancements at Northeast Park. Please see below for opportunities to engage in these parks. 

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The survey is currently closed. Please use the link below to review comments on your park.

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7/27/23 Open House: Booker T. Washington Park, Minnis Lakeview Park, and Northeast Park
In case you missed the open house, please use this link to download the presentation.
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Upcoming Meetings and Events

Join us during one of our come-and-go open houses to give your input and learn more about the MAPS 4 neighborhood and community parks project. 

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Phase 1: Park, Facilities, and Recreation Services Inventory and Needs Assessment

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Phase 2: Park Amenities Recommendations

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Phase 3: Master Plan Development

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Phase 4: Master Plan Review and Approval

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of MAPS 4, every municipal neighborhood and community park outside of the central business district will receive an upgrade. Improvements will be based on need and neighborhood feedback. Improvements may include bathrooms, play equipment, shade structures, splash pads, furnishings, trees, paths, activity facilities, and signage. The Parks Programming Master Plan will identify and make recommendations for improvements at each park. Public engagement is vital to a successful plan. We want to hear from you through our surveys and interactive mapping!

This project consists of improvements to all neighborhood and community parks as identified in the MAPS 4 Program Implementation Plan. Your park may be considered a metropolitan park, district park, or special use park, due to the size and area that it serves.  Metropolitan parks, district parks, and special use parks are not included in this project. For more information about the overall parks system, please visit

Neighborhood parks serve the informal recreation needs of residents within walking distance of their homes. The size of a typical Neighborhood Park can be up to 20 acres in size. Amenities in a neighborhood park may include informal practice fields/open space, internal walking trails, play structures, outdoor fitness facilities, picnic areas, and park shelters. Neighborhood parks typically do not have permanent public restrooms, but could have drinking fountains.

Community parks are larger than neighborhood parks and serve several adjoining neighborhoods, attracting residents from a relatively large area. They allow for group activities, and offer recreation opportunities not feasible or desirable at the neighborhood level.  The size of a typical Community Park can range from 20 - 100 acres. In addition to the typical neighborhood park amenities, Community Park amenities may include splash pad/spray grounds, restrooms, facilities for plays or concerts, nature interpretation areas, and botanical/community gardens. 

On-site assessments are currently being performed for each park to evaluate the conditions of the current amenities. Based off these assessments and your public input, park amenities will be graded based on need. Critical needs will be recommended for improvement first, while other less critical upgrades and visionary items will be recommended as funding allows. After the assessment phase is complete, a list of recommended improvements will be developed for each park. You will have the opportunity to provide further public input during the recommendation phase as to which of the recommendations you would like to see in your park. The recommended park improvements will total the budgeted MAPS 4 funding allocation for neighborhood and community park improvements.

MAPS 4 has hired Kimley-Horn to lead the parks programming process with White Hawk Engineering assisting with public outreach. 

The consultant team is working with City staff to complete the master planning process in an approximate 12 month timeframe.  

Public engagement and input is critical to the success of this Master Plan. The City encourages residents to review materials included on this website, and provide input through posting comments and completing surveys.

Additionally, there will be a public meeting (or Open House) for each group of parks where you can give feedback directly to the project team. Meeting dates and locations will be posted to the website as they are scheduled, so stay tuned!